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Combined Heating Power

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Combined Heating Power (CHP) or co-generation as it’s sometimes called, is the process of capturing and then utilising the heat produced by generating electricity. Conventional electricity generation by power stations is only around 37% efficient, which means a huge potential source of energy is simply released into the atmosphere as a by-product. CHP can harness this power.

What are the business benefits of installing CHP?

In short, CHP delivers great value energy. By recovering most of this otherwise wasted heat, CHP can bring overall energy savings of up to 40 per cent. For an energy intensive development, that can represent a substantial saving, especially when combined with other energy efficiency measures.

Are there any environmental benefits?

CHP has been widely recognised as a key measure in helping to reduce harmful emissions of CO2, with some schemes being shown to halve emissions compared with conventional sources of heat and power.

How does CHP fit in with tri-generation?

CHP can be incorporated into a tri-generation scheme to provide heating, power and cooling from the same source . Here the excess heat produced is cooled by absorption chillers linked to the CHP system. This produces chilled water for cooling, which is particularly useful for schemes which involve a large level of air conditioning.

So what makes BPS different?

The suitability of CHP and tri-generation to provide electrical power, heating and cooling requires a detailed appraisal of many factors, not just heat and electricity requirements. Such is our experience of CHP and tri-generation that BPS is uniquely positioned to offer a complete turnkey solution from feasibility and design through to financing, supply, installation and commissioning.

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